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To Mystery Shoppers from Shari:
Our book, The Business of Mystery Shopping, was written for those who want to start or expand their own mystery shopping business (company). Since we recommend becoming a mystery shopper before going into business, two of the five sections of the book discuss this subject in detail.

Below is an expanded view of the contents for these two sections.

As an overview, the first "mystery shoppers" section contains important information on the best and fastest methods to get good mystery shopping jobs, as told from the perspective of a company owner. The second section contains listings of companies that have been in business at least 12 years with
links directly to their application pages. This will save you a lot of time. These links were updated January 1st of this year, and therefore should be current.

Now on to the Table of Contents for the "shopper's" sections:

Mystery Shopper's Treasure Chest

A word from a mystery shopping company owner to all shoppers.
Determine the types of shopping jobs you want to take on.
Why it's important to be selective about the jobs you take (and a horror story).
How to be selective.

Find mystery shopper jobs:

  1. How not to waste your time looking for jobs.
  2. Job boards with links.
  3. Apply directly to companies (hint: the fastest routes are via this manual).
  4. Independent Contractor Agreements.
  5. Mystery Shopping Schedulers ... an introduction with up to date links.
  6. Automation Services ... how to use them to get jobs with up to date links.
  7. Paid services for shoppers ... in the world of mystery shopping this is considered a big "no-no", but consider an exception to this rule.
  8. Shopper Certification.
  9. Internet Newsgroups.

Get jobs over and over again:
  1. Be realistic about your scheduling.
  2. Before you go.
  3. During the shop.
  4. After the shop ... very important! Specific tips so you don't drive report editors crazy! How to write reports they will love (and therefore will want to hire you again).

Stay organized ... includes a chart so you can easily keep track of everything; assignments, money, etc.
Uncle Sam wants his fair share (for readers in the U.S.) Information on paying taxes.
Some miscellaneous tips ... one tip tells you how to discover what different types of shops pay.

Mystery shopping company listings (U.S. and Canada). About 70 companies are listed with links directly to their application pages. Why only 70, when other lists online have many more? Because to be included in our eBook, companies have to be in business at least 12 years. As stated above, all application links were updated January 1st of this year. Each listing also contains areas of specialization and geographic reach. Listings are by State.

If you find this of interest, please visit our
Pricing page, see the Value eBook option.

Whether you decide to remain a shopper, or decide to go into business for yourself, best of luck on your Mystery Shopping journey!