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"Ready Set Go" ePackage Contents

1. Ebook

The eBook has over 250 web page active links. If you are reading the ebook on your computer, you can click on any link and it will take you right to that web page.

2. Email consultations forever

3. eTemplates - Microsoft Word (just plug in your company name):

Section I - Starting your business

Letterhead template
Business card template
Shopper application template
Mystery Shopping Independent Contractor's contract

Section II - Assigning shops

Job available notifications
"You have won the job" confirmation and instructions
Assignment reminders
Overdue notices

Section III - Invoicing and tracking reports

Assignment log
Assignment tracking log
Invoice template
Accounts receivable log

Section IV - Getting clients

Promotional letter template - your sales letter
Trial shop agreement template
Trial shop agreement with client endorsements template
Client "Standard" agreement template
Client "Pay As You Go" agreement template
"Working with mystery shopping reports" informational letter for potential clients
Prospective client follow up log

Section V - Questionnaires

Complete Microsoft Word questionnaires AND loose questions for the following business types:
Convenience stores
Department/retail stores
Car dealerships

4. "Get your first client... and the next one" eWorkbook

The biggest hurdle to climb in a new business is usually getting the very first client. Though the steps are in the book, the workbook breaks them down into teensy, easy to do steps. Getting your first client is simply a matter of following the daily list YOU create using the specific guidance in the workbook.

Further ... Public speaking is one step suggested. Are you afraid to speak in public? The workbook can help! Don't really know exactly what to say when you are given an opportunity to make a speech? The workbook provides resources for putting your speech together!

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