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Questions and Answers

Q. I'd love to make more money, but there are just not enough hours in the day to take on anything new. How can I fit going into business into my already busy schedule?

A. I'll answer this with a question. How much time are you spending now scouring the net, looking for a career or a job (or mystery shops, if you are already a "shopper")? That very same time could be used to make a lot more money.

Q. How could I possibly compete with all the large companies that are out there?

A. These companies won't be looking in your backyard for business. Plus, our suggested sales method, "The Golden Nugget of Promotions" will virtually eliminate the competition.

Q. Why would I spend money on a book I haven't seen?

A. I understand. Over the internet it's hard to actually have the book in your hands and go through it; read a page or two. To answer this concern, we have included the Table of Contents on this web site so you know precisely what is included. And, we also give you a full YEAR to decide if this book is right for you via our guarantee.

Q. If I decide to take you up on your guarantee and want to return this book, how do I know you will still be there?

A. The mystery shopping service behind this book has been in business since 1985. We're not going anywhere. (If we did, our clients would be very unhappy). Feel free to call the phone number below to "test it out".

Q. I'm not completely sure I want to go into business yet. Is it too soon to buy the book?

A. A good way to find out if you want to go into business is to buy the book. It will tell you exactly what is involved and all the steps to take. This will definitely help you decide! Even if you don't go into business, it contains information that will guarantee you will get mystery shopping jobs. Further, as above, we do offer a one year guarantee.

Q. How much money can I make?

A. Please see our article on this subject. (Articles page).

Q. How does this book compare to others out there?

A. We have read most of the competing books on starting a Mystery Shopping business, and I'm confident in saying ours contains details not presented in any other book. In particular, we present getting and keeping clients in a completely unique manner with information no one else has.

Q. Why would I buy a book from an author I have never heard of?

A. We appreciate that. This author has 35 years experience in the Mystery Shopping industry (30 with her own business), and it's this amount of experience that makes this book one to strongly consider. Please see “Author" near the top of the page you came from.

I hope this answers some of your questions. If you have any other questions, please feel free to call us at (760) 641-0410 or Ask a question here
Thank you!

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