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How to Start a Mystery Shopping Business

Simply consider 5 benefits of starting your own business

1. The Mystery Shopping Company (business) makes more money than the Mystery Shopper in 2 ways:

* The company makes the lion's share of the money on each shop performed.
* The company makes money on ALL the shops for a given client.

Which side of this equation would you rather be on?

Example: our mystery shopping company does 56 shops/month for one client. Each shopper makes a little money on one of those shops. We make most of the money on ALL the shops!

2. A steady income. Most clients contract to have work done every month. As a mystery shopping business owner, you could enjoy that steady income.

3. Start small. Start local. Large mystery shopping companies won't be looking in YOUR backyard for business. There's a huge opportunity to start on the local level.

4. Protection from the current economy. Serving many different types of businesses, mystery shopping offers protection from the ups and downs of the economy

5. Little or no investment dollars needed.

"That's all great", you might say, "But, what steps are involved in starting a mystery shopping company?"